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The Spinning World. A Global History of Cotton Textiles, 1200-1850

Edited by Giorgio Riello, Assistant Professor in Global History and Culture at the University of Warwick,

And Prasannan Parthasarathi, Associate Professor of History at Boston College

Cotton textiles were the first good to achieve a truly global reach. For many centuries muslins and calicoes from the Indian subcontinent were demanded in the trading worlds of the Indian Ocean and the eastern Mediterranean. After 1500, new circuits of exchange were developed. Of these, the early-modern European craze for Indian calicoes and the huge nineteenth-century export trade in Lancashire goods, and subsequent deindustrialization of the Indian subcontinent, are merely the best known. These episodes, although of great importance, far from exhaust the story of cotton. They are well known because of the enormous research energy that has been devoted to them, but other important elements of cotton's long history are deserving of similar attention. The purpose of this collection of essays is to examine the history of cotton textiles at a global level over the period 1200-1850. This volume provides new answers to two questions: what is it about cotton that made it the paradigmatic first global commodity? And second, why did cotton industries in different parts of the world follow different paths of development?

Pasold Studies in Textile History No. 16

Oxford University Press/Pasold Research Fund

May 2009 | 448 pages | Hardback

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