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Carlos III Madrid Future Research in Economic and Social History (FRESH) Meeting

International integration and economic growth, 1850 to the present

In collaboration with the Figuerola Institute of Social Science History

Date: 10-11 March 2011

Venue: University Carlos III Madrid

FRESH meetings are aimed at researchers in any field of economic and social history. The meetings build on the concept that scholars present their ongoing research at an early stage, i.e. normally before it becomes published as a working paper or the like, and certainly before it is published in books or journals. The main aim of the meetings is to gather researchers in a friendly and non-imposing environment where they can present their research and receive constructive criticism from their peers.

The FRESH meeting organizers strive to accommodate as many speakers as possible. Accepted papers will normally receive 30 minutes each (20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion). However, in the interest of avoiding parallel sessions, the presentation time may be shortened. In the event of space constraints, please note that FRESH members and members of the hosting faculty and geographically close institutions will be given preference.

Thanks to generous funding from research projects at the Figuerola Insitute[1], the organizers can offer hotel accommodation, lunch, dinner and other refreshments on the day of the meeting, but travel must be covered by the participants themselves. Also, there will be a registration fee for this meeting of 70 EUR payable on acceptance of your submission.

Prospective speakers should submit a one-page abstract and a short CV to Pilar Nogues-Marco (email: mnogues@clio.uc3m.es) no later than 10 December 2010. Notification of acceptance will be given by late December, 2010.

The Carlos III Madrid FRESH meeting is organized by Pilar Nogues-Marco, Carlos Santiago-Caballero and Markus Lampe (local organizers) and Paul Sharp and Jacob Weisdorf. For more information about FRESH meetings and FRESH membership, please visit the FRESH website at www.keynes.dk/FRESH or see below.

Would you like to organize a FRESH meeting?

FRESH meetings have no permanent venue but take place at any institution around the world where there is an interest in having the FRESH meeting. Hosting institutions will be asked to provide a venue, including electronic equipment, and, if possible, lunch and dinner for the meeting participants (usually 10-15 persons). If you would like to organize a FRESH meeting at your institution, please contact the meeting organizers (contact details on the FRESH website: www.keynes.dk/FRESH).

Would you like to become a FRESH member?

Membership is free and involves the member's name and a link to his or her personal website being posted on the FRESH meeting website.

Prospective members are encouraged to join the FRESH meetings group on facebook (www.facebook.com). Alternatively, you can sign up as a member by sending a mail to Paul Sharp (e-mail: paul.sharp@econ.ku.dk).

[1] Instituto Figuerola Research Programs: Economic Integration and Growth and Finance Development in the Long Run.

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